How We Insulated and Drywalled Our New Garage

Unfinished garage

This is how the walls looked before starting the work

From what we’ve noticed and our personal experience, most builders do not finish garages. They usually just finish the one or two firewalls because it is required by code.

Other than cost cutting, the reason may be because, as far as I can tell, this is not an issue for most people. When we walk around our neighborhood, we see that most garages look just like they did on day one (except they’re full of stuff now). I have counted only one or two that have been drywalled. It was about the same in our previous two neighborhoods.

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?), as you may have realized by now, I cannot stand having an unfinished garage. Before we even moved to this house, I agreed with Carla that the garage was going to be one of the first things we would work on after moving in. And so we did.


Having the experience from our previous two garages made it very easy to complete this project. Not only did we know what materials we needed but also had the tools and knew exactly what to do and how to do it.

Just like when working on our previous garage, this new project involved:

Unfinished garage walls

Partially finished garage wall


Installing drywall in garage

The unfinished garage walls



This is a very easy part of the project, you can probably complete it in one day. It can go even faster if you have two people working. One person measuring and cutting the insulation and the other setting it in place.

We used the same batt insulation we’ve used before, in no time, we had the whole garage insulated and ready for the drywall.

Insulating a garage

Using a heavy duty stapler and staples to hold the insulation


Insulate and drywall garage

First garage wall almost completely insulated


Insulating garage walls

Almost done insulating the garage walls


Although drywall panels are heavier than insulation, it is unbelievable how easy it is to install them when you have two people doing the job. I remember having to hold the panels while, at the same time, using the drill at the other two houses. It was a lot of work. This time, I would just hold the panels while Carla used the drill, way easier!

Although not necessarily easier, I also felt a lot more comfortable taping and mudding this time. It was also not as messy as it’s been before. We used the same drywall tape and mud we used in the previous two garage projects.


Drywall for garage walls

Taping and mudding the drywalled garage walls


Drywall garage walls

Half way done taping and mudding the garage walls


Drywall in garage

Drywalled, taped and mudded garage walls


At this point, I could not wait for the finished product!

Readers, are you like me and can’t stand having an unfinished garage? Have you taken the time to finish yours?

Are you interested on Insulating and drywalling your own garage? This is what you need:

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How to finish a garage

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