Upgrading from Laminate to White Quartz Kitchen Countertops

New Quartz Countertops - Celeste (White)

New (Celeste) White Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Moving on with the kitchen improvements, and with the Travertine tile flooring installation out of the way, my wife and I chose, ordered and got new White Quartz Kitchen Countertops installed.

Just like the last time, when working on the previous kitchen upgrade, this countertop installation was planned weeks in advance.

It takes a long time to choose between all the beautiful stones available, get quotes, place the order, get templates, and have the stone cut and the countertops ready for installation, all in all, it took about a month from the day we placed the order to the day we had them installed.


Although this is something I will be expanding on soon in the about section, when the previous kitchen remodeling project was completed, actually, all projects before this kitchen’s improvements, I was single. (Perhaps that answers why they are so ugly? Hehe).

This time, however, I had my wife’s input, and she definitely knows a lot more than me about colors, styles, and decoration, not to mention that she has better taste than myself.

In any case, to answer the question, we made the decision based on three different reasons: the first one, as I just implied, was based on my wife’s input, she likes light colors, and she showed me many different photos of kitchens with light countertops and I really liked how they looked.

The second one was the fact that even though the previous kitchen was very bright at first, once the cabinets were stained, and the (black) countertops installed, it became a lot darker, especially at night.

The last, and most important reason was the fact that, from our research, we learned that quartz countertops are less porous and more durable than granite ones, even though they cost about the same.

On top of it (OK, fourth reason), we could not find any granite we really liked for a reasonable price.


Removing the old tile backsplash and laminate countertops was all I had to do to get this project completed, you can definitely say that this was not a DIY project and that I, once again, ‘cheated’ (the first time was on my previous kitchen remodeling project), but every bit counts, I could have paid the installers to remove everything.

Laminate countertops and tile mini-backsplash

Old tile backsplash about to be removed


Brown kitchen laminate countertops

Old tile backsplash and laminate kitchen countertops


Brown laminate countertops and sink

About to start removing the old tile backsplash and laminate kitchen countertops

Taking care of this was a very easy task, the most difficult part, was taking the countertops out to the garage, while I wait for someone to answer to my craigslist ad.


After removing the old backsplash and countertops, it was just a matter of having the countertops crew do their magic. The finished product is seen in the next three images.

Do not panic just yet, the new backsplash will be featured on a separate post!

Celeste White Quartz Kitchen Countertop

The new shiny White Quartz Kitchen Countertops


(Celeste) White Quartz Kitchen Countertops

The new White Quartz Kitchen Countertops right after being installed


New (Celeste) White Quartz Kitchen Countertops

The new White Quartz Kitchen Countertops right after being installed

If you like our selection and would like to use it in your kitchen or other rooms in your own home, even though it looks white, the name of the stone we chose is ‘Celeste’ (light or sky blue in Spanish), by Viatera.