How We Primed and Painted our New Garage

Priming and painting our new garage

Priming and painting our new garage

This is the second part of our new garage finishing project.

Just like when we worked on our previous garage, right after insulating and drywalling this new garage, our next step was to prime and paint all the walls and the ceiling. You all should know by now that I can’t stand an unfinished garage. Well, I can’t stand an unpainted garage either.

As I’ve mentioned before, a coat of paint is an easy and inexpensive way to transform any room, in this case, our usually neglected garages, into a more comfortable and pleasant place to be or work in.

I definitely recommend everyone to finish and paint their garages, believe me, you will not be disappointed.

As you learned in our previous post, to complete this new garage project we followed the exact same steps from our old garage:

Once the first step was completed, we moved on to the next one, priming and painting our new garage walls and ceiling.


As I’ve done before, I started by applying a coat of primer with the roller. I started with the ceiling because it is more uncomfortable and takes longer to paint, then I moved on to the walls. Later on, when I had covered most of the area, I used a brush to paint all the edges.

How we primed and painted our new garage

After priming the ceiling, I started priming all the walls


Priming the garage walls

Priming the garage walls


Priming garage foundation

After completing the first few walls, I started with the foundation


Priming the right side garage walls

Moving on to the other side


Priming garage walls and foundation

Almost done except for the foundation


As of now, we haven’t had any issues using regular primer, I believe it is absolutely unnecessary to spend more than you need to on a fancy one. This time we used the Zinsser Primecoat2 we’ve used before.

The garage primer we used

The inexpensive primer we used



The next day, making sure the coat of primer was completely dry, I started painting the ceiling. Using the same method (a roller and a brush on the edges) and a flat white paint I had left over from our last garage project.

Last but not least, I started painting the walls. This time, I also used the same paint I used in the last garage. For two reasons, I really liked the color and the fact that we also had some left over. We had to get an extra couple of gallons for this bigger garage, though, and I made a mistake. Last time, I mentioned that if I ever had to do it again, I would use satin paint. Well, I forgot about it and ended up getting the exact same flat one.

Painting garage walls light blue

Painting the garage walls with the same light blue we used on our last one


Painting garage walls

We can’t complain about the quality of this paint, one coat was all these walls needed


Garage walls painted blue

After finishing with the roller, I used a brush on the edges


Painting garage walls blue

Almost done painting the garage walls


Blue garage walls

Just missing the top edge



One thing we did differently this time was the garage foundation. In our first garage, I didn’t paint it, just to realize it didn’t look that good.

In our second garage, I painted it the same color of the rest of the walls. I didn’t look bad, but we thought we could do better than that.

This time, as you can see in the last few photos, we decided to leave it white. We believe it looks way better as it contrasts with the rest of the walls and acts as some kind of baseboard.

Priming garage foundation

Priming the garage foundation


Readers, have you finished and painted your garage yet? What do you think of our new one? Should we have used a different color?

Wanting to prime and paint your garage walls as part of your latest garage improvement project? This is what you need:

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  1. Super job! I think a clean and pretty garage is such a wonderful thing to have in a home. We have yet to tackle our mess of a garage and it still has stacks of boxes from our move from 3 years ago. Someday we’ll start on it…until then I’ll look at pretty pictures of other garages! LOL

    1. Thanks, Wendi! We know how things can get out of control in the garage. Actually, a couple of days ago I had to spend some time reorganizing ours. I hope you get some inspiration looking at what we’ve done and can start working on yours soon.
      Best, Tony.

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