Finishing the Garage Part 1: Insulating and Drywalling Walls and Ceiling

Unfinished Garage Ceiling, the way it looked when I moved to the house

Unfinished garage ceiling, as it looked when I moved to the house

This is the first post of a series in which I will show you what I did to finish the Garage in my Second House. As the title suggests, this part includes finishing the garage walls and ceiling (insulation and drywall installation).

On my previous Laundry Room Storage Cabinets post, I mentioned that the lack of any Laundry Room Storage was one of the first few things I noticed when I went look at the property that ended up being my second house.

Not ten seconds later, when I opened the garage access door I noticed another one, the garage was completely unfinished, well, actually, one of the walls was finished, but the rest was completely unfinished!

What a pain, I remember thinking, will I have to start all over again and insulate, drywall, primer and paint this new garage? And the answer was, although I’m sure you’ve already guessed it… Oh well, why not? This garage is bigger than the one at my first house, not huge by any means, but it has a lot more space, so like the rest of the house, I thought it had potential.


Unfinished Garage wall as it looked when I moved to the house

Unfinished garage wall, as it looked when I moved to the house (excuse the mess)


The first step to finish the garage was to insulate and drywall the walls and ceiling

Unfinished garage, working on the walls’ insulation



Due to the amount of work and time it would take, I completed this project in phases. Actually, after installing the insulation and before completing the drywall job, I started working on and even finished other projects, good examples are the Rock Work around the House and the DIY Home Theater installation.

Not that the garage was not important, it is actually very important to me, but these two took priority, the first one because I didn’t want a weed invasion, the latter one because I didn’t have where to put my Home Theater equipment.

With those two projects out of the way, I had more time to work and focus on the garage.

Basically following the same steps from my previous garage project, the first task on this garage finishing project was insulating the walls. All you need to complete this step is a pair of scissors or utility knife to cut the insulation, a heavy duty stapler gun, and a ladder.


Finishing the garage walls, most of the insulation in place

Finishing the garage walls, most of the insulation in place


Wondering about that piece of granite resting against the wall? That’s the one I removed from the kitchen at my first house due to it being too small for the island. I ended up finding a buyer a bit later.


Finishing the garage walls, most of the insulation in place

Walls looked much better with the insulation in place



With the insulation installed, weeks later, after completing my previous two projects, I proceeded to drywall, tape and mud the walls and ceiling, using the same materials, including some leftovers, from my previous garage project.


Finishing the garage walls, installing drywall panelling

Installing drywall panels, the second step on this project


Drywalling the Garage Walls

Drywalling the garage walls


For the exact same reason I’ve explained before, as you can see, I once again started drywalling from bottom to top. Because back then I almost always worked by myself, it was way easier for me to do it that way than trying to lift and hold the panel against the wall while grabbing the drill, screws and I try to screw it in place, all at the same time.


Installing drywall on the garage walls

More than halfway done drywalling the garage walls


Finishing the garage walls

Almost done with the first wall


Many of the photos were taken at night, this was because I would often stay up working in the garage until very late.

By the time I completed this project, the idea of starting a home improvement blog had not even crossed my mind. As a result, I don’t have any nice photos of the completed drywall and mud job, my apologies. Do not worry, though, you are able to see my progress and the end result in my next few posts!

Readers, Are you satisfied with your garage? Is it insulated? Are the walls finished? What do you think? Is it a good idea or am I just wasting my time and money?

Finishing the garage in your house? This is what you need:

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