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Mi segunda casa, donde ya he completado varios proyectosOn this section, you will find the home improvement projects I completed on my Second House. The house was still a work in progress when I got married and we decided to look for a new place we both could call home. I hope you enjoy the projects, learn and get some encouragement from them!

DIY Home Theater Installation

DIY Home Theater Installation

DIY Home Theater Setup

This is one of those projects you don’t even think too much about, I was looking for some kind of shelf to set my Receiver & DVD player. I came across at many different floating shelves online, but, they were either too small or way too expensive. On top of it, I wasn’t sure they were sturdy enough to support the receiver without settling or even worse, falling down at some point.

As a result, I decided to build my own floating shelf and complete a DIY home theater installation.

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Wood or Rock Mulch Around the House? For me, the answer is Rock

Wood or rock mulch around the house? For the second time, I went with rock.

House as it looked after completing the rock work

After settling and living at my second house for a couple of months, spring was rapidly approaching, for me, that meant answering the following question: wood or rock mulch around the house?

As you may have read before, when I decided to buy this house, I knew what I was getting into. I knew about everything that needed to be taken care of for it to look the way I wanted. It had potential, but it also needed a lot of work, yes, they were mostly cosmetic upgrades, but it was work nonetheless.

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Evening project: Installing some Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

Installed & Finished Wall Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

New laundry room storage cabinets

The day I went look at the property that ended up being my second house, there were a few things I noticed immediately. One of them was the lack of any kind of laundry room storage cabinets, shelves or similar to store any laundry supplies.

Why did I notice it right away you may ask? Because just a few weeks before that day I had worked on the exact same issue at my first house.

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