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home-related issues, maintenance, upgrades and repairsOn this section, you will find information about topics that may not necessarily be about home improvement, but about other home-related issues, upgrades, maintenance and repairs!

How to Do an Oil Change

Tools for an oil change

The basic tools you need to change your oil

Changing your engine’s oil is perhaps one of the most common maintenance items we have to deal with. Long term, it can also be one of the most expensive ones, because, depending on how much you drive, you may need to change it often, at least several times a year. Fortunately, though, it is also one of the easiest ones to do yourself.

Until not too long ago, I would go to one of those quick oil change type places to get it done. Then, I realized that I was paying as much as twice what it would cost me to do it myself. I said, no way!

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The Least Popular Posts Of 2016

No Caption Needed

The end 2016 marked the end of our first full year blogging. In case you have not realized, this blog went live on October 20th, 2015 the day I posted My First Project Ever! So on December 31st, 2016, the blog was 1 year, 2 months and 10 days old! Exciting huh?

When we first started, the only traffic we were getting was from friends, family and some spammers. Eventually, though, our organic and referral traffic started showing up! The excitement of seeing the traffic grow is what has kept us going until now (well, we could have kept blogging without traffic anyway, just with less excitement), so we would like to give thanks to all of you who decided to check out our blog. We hope our posts have been helpful and have also encouraged you to complete some DIY projects. That’s the reason why we’re here.


We all like good news. Many bloggers list their most popular, most shared or most commented blog posts on their front pages. We would like to do the opposite, listing the blog posts with the least amount of traffic in 2016.

Not that they are bad news because they still had plenty of views and whoever the visitors were, at least, they learned of our website. But they definitely lacked when compared to others. Although we know there are many reasons why, including the date of publication (towards the end of the year), we want them to get more attention.

So, without further comment, here is the list of posts with the least amount of visits (organized from least to most visits):

A great read if you’re willing to learn how to set up your own blog on WordPress. It takes less than 15 minutes!

How to Set Up Your Own Blog

Learn how to set up your own blog in one blog post

On this project, we show you the first step in the transformation of our new garage.

How we Insulated and Drywalled our New Garage

How we Insulated and Drywalled our New Garage

Although you may think, Duh! You have no idea how many times I forget about it and run into all kinds of issues. It is, at least, a good reminder.

Remember how to put things back together with a photograph

I now use photograph to remember how to put things back together

Follow these step by step instructions to install a garage door opener. Anyone can do it!

Chamberlain garage door opener installed

Chamberlain garage door opener in its final position

This one was a big surprise, it was posted towards the end of the year, though, when most people are thinking about Halloween and the upcoming Holidays.

No grass landscaping

Our low maintenance, low water, no grass landscaping

There you have it! The least popular posts of 2016.

How to Fix a Toilet Leaking from the Tank Bolts


New toilet tank bolt, washer, and gasket

Fixing a toilet is perhaps the last thing a homeowner wants to deal with. It is one of the reasons why renters enjoy being renters and the most common argument against land lording you read about on the Internet. I agree with both of them.

Unfortunately, though, I had to deal with one leaky toilet tank a few days ago. It was not the first time I had to deal with one either, it is part of being a homeowner.

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How to Set Up Your Own Blog

How to Set Up Your Own Blog

Learn how to set up your own blog in one blog post

For as long as I’ve had an Internet connection (I can’t believe it has been for almost two decades now), I’ve enjoyed reading online content, participating in different forums, and for the last few years, following and reading a few blogs.

Blogging has become a great avenue for regular people like you and me to learn and share ideas. As you may know by now, there are blogs about pretty much any topic you can think of: Home Improvement   (like this one), Personal Finance, Self-Improvement, Health & Fitness, Travel, Food, and many, many more.

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Remember how to put things back together when working on home improvement projects

Remember how to put things back together with photographs

Use photographs to remember how to put things back together

When working on home improvement projects or repairs, at some point, inevitably, we will have to disconnect, disassemble, move around and replace stuff before we can complete, or in some cases, even start our work.

More than once, I have been ‘scared’ to move forward with a project, thinking that if I disconnect, disassemble or otherwise mess with whatever it is that is getting on the way, I will then not be able to put it back together later on after the job is completed.

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Tools a homeowner needs for home improvement projects

Some of the essential home improvement tools I use to complete my projects

Some of the hand tools I use to complete my projects

If you’ve been following my blog, perhaps you may be thinking that to complete all the projects I’ve presented until now, I must have spent a fortune on tools, and that for you to be able to do the same, you need to spend a fortune as well.

How are you saving money if what you would have paid for labor you need to spend it on a bunch on tools? Some of my friends have asked.

Well, yes, you need some tools, but no, you don’t have to spend a fortune. They are not as expensive as you may think, even more, when you consider that you only have to buy them once, but you can use them forever (or until they break and cannot be fixed), and, at least, the most expensive ones, can be found used if you plan your projects in advance.

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DIY Home Theater Installation

DIY Home Theater Installation

DIY Home Theater Setup

This is one of those projects you don’t even think too much about, I was looking for some kind of shelf to set my Receiver & DVD player. I came across at many different floating shelves online, but, they were either too small or way too expensive. On top of it, I wasn’t sure they were sturdy enough to support the receiver without settling or even worse, falling down at some point.

As a result, I decided to build my own floating shelf and complete a DIY home theater installation.

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GE dryer starts, then stops as soon as the start button is released

GE Washer and Dryer, the dryer starts, then stops

My GE dryer, the star of this post, and her sibling

My dryer was about two years old when it decided to stop running. I remember putting some clothes in it, closing the door, pressing the start button and going away.

A few minutes, or perhaps hours later, I went back to check up on it just to realize that it was still on. The timer was still showing some crazy number like 50 minutes, the dryer was not running or making any noises, and the clothes were still wet.

Well, perhaps I forgot to press the start button, I remember thinking, so I went ahead and pressed it. It started running, nice! And then it stopped as soon as I released it. So, I pressed it again hoping that this time, it was going to work, but no, it stopped again.

Sounds familiar? You are not alone! It apparently is a very common issue with newer, electronic, dryers.

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