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current-house-category, red autumn mapleOn this section, we show you the projects we’ve worked on and the ones we’re working on – sometimes more than one at the same time – on our current (and hopefully last) house. The goal is to share our progress and ideas, hear and learn from your opinions and have a friendly discussion about our different home improvement and do-it-yourself projects.

How We Made a Flower Bed in Front of Our House

Planning a flower bed layout

The area of our front lawn where we made the flower bed

If you’ve been following this blog, you should know that our house is always a work in progress. Although it has pretty much everything we need and want, there are a few areas that we would not mind changing or remodeling. We’ve been trying to take it easy though, so we’ve been focusing on the areas that require less work. In other words, those we think that just need some minor improvements or some love.

This is part of the reason why, most of our last posts, have been about home decor.

One of the areas that we always thought needed some love was our front lawn. Although we replaced three ugly bushes with Alberta Spruces and planted an Ash tree on the left side of the garage when we worked in our backyard, it still needed some work.

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How To Make Framed Wallpaper Panels

Photo frame making ideas

Part of the wood used to create the frames

Do you also think wall art can be really expensive? Well, I had been looking at stuff online for months, probably a year, and everything I liked came along with a big price tag… I thought that there had to be a cheaper way to decorate our walls.

I have always loved wallpaper. Not over a whole room with an overwhelming pattern, but more in the creating pops of color or texture here and there kind of way.

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We’ve Been Busy Exploring Colorado (And Painting A Few Rooms)

Camping in Colorado

Breakfast after a rainy camping night

It is summer time! Well, it has been for the last month and a half or so! Or, at least, that is for how long we’ve been trying to enjoy it and have fun.

We decided to scale back a bit on our projects so we could have some additional time to enjoy the amazing weather!

Lots of camping, hiking and summer adventures!

Do not worry, though, that does not mean that we have not completed any projects. We’ve actually worked a lot, mostly painting, but also on other things as well. Stay tuned!

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DIY Ruffle Lamp Shades

Lampshade makeover

Our chandelier before the makeover

After finishing the dining room set reupholstery project, I went after the chandelier in our dining area… I had set my eyes on it for a while; I just didn’t know what to do with it. The modern style of the lamp was a plus to me, but the shades seemed just too plain.

I normally have a tendency to like feminine romantic decor styles with modern twists. However, since we got married, I have been trying to be fair and include my husband in the decor process. So when I saw pictures of ruffle lampshades (and loved them!), I hoped he would at least like them.

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Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs

How much fabric do I need to reupholster a chair

A chair as they looked before we started the project

Before we moved to our new house, we decided to replace most of our old furniture. As a result, the dining room set was one of those things we were missing.

After browsing a little (online and in the stores), we decided we didn’t want to pay full price for one, so we started our hunt for a used one. A while later, we found one that was in perfect condition, for a third of what it would cost to buy it new in the store. It was not necessarily our favorite, but we saw the potential of improving it with a little bit of love.

We brought it home, put it in its place and… yes, it needed the love. Our flooring is a dark brown hardwood, the dining room set has a very similar warm dark tobacco finish and leather looking brown seat coverings. We ended up with what I called “The Brown Corner”. This said, something had to be done to bring life to it… and the first thing we thought of was reupholstering the seat coverings.

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Spray Painting Vent Covers To Match Floor Color

spray paint cans

Choosing the right spray paint color for our vent covers

Is it just us or wouldn’t it be better if vent covers didn’t stand out as much as they usually do? In our area, chances are they are beige, even though your flooring is a dark walnut (our case). They may be white, even though your carpet is beige. Or they may be dark brown even though your flooring is a really nice travertine tile.

Does anyone really think they look nice like that?

We don’t. In a perfect world, they’d be completely invisible. However, since that may be next to impossible, we believe that spray painting them is one of the best alternatives you can try to hide, blend or disguise them as much as possible.

On this post, we show you how to do it.

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Turning a Bedroom Into An Office Part 3: Building a Wood Desktop

DIY Home Office Desk Top

The lumber we used to build our desktop

As you may know by now, this whole “turning a bedroom into an office” project idea started when we decided to resolve the lack of desk space in what was then our home “office”.

We started painting the room. Then we went ahead and used an old desk from craigslist to build our new desk. And finally, we moved on to the last part of the project, building a wood desktop.

This was not your typical desktop, though, but one that is long enough for a double desk, so both of us can work at the same time. It is 11 ft. and 6 inches long to be exact, and on this post, we show you how we did it.

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Turning a Bedroom Into An Office Part 2: Building a DIY Home Office Desk

Building a double home office desk

The old desk we bought to built our double home office desk

As you learned in our previous post, the main reason why we decided to move forward with this home office project was the need of additional desk space for both of us to work at the same time. While the walls color had nothing to do with the lack of desk space, it was an important part for us. It made sense to take care of them before moving on with the rest of the project.

So, right after putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and deciding the new office’s layout, we started looking for desk ideas. We came across many different options, but at the end of the day, for several reasons, we decided to try something similar to what we found at Young House Love.

Obviously, we like what they did. When possible, we like recycling and reusing stuff. It seemed like a relatively easy and inexpensive project for us to do, and most importantly, we had most of the supplies we needed to work on it.

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Turning a Bedroom Into An Office Part 1: Changing The Walls Color

Small Home Office Desk

The small computer desk we used until now

Even before we moved into this house, we knew we were turning one of the bedrooms into an office. Then, the day we moved and started organizing our furniture, we decided which bedroom it was going to be.

At that point, what made this bedroom an “office” was a very small computer desk I’ve had for years. It is the one I have used to work on many projects until now, including the creation of this blog. Later on, we added a day bed, which we use to read and as an extra bed to accommodate friends and family when they visit.

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