We’ve Been Busy Exploring Colorado (And Painting A Few Rooms)

Camping in Colorado

Breakfast after a rainy camping night

It is summer time! Well, it has been for the last month and a half or so! Or, at least, that is for how long we’ve been trying to enjoy it and have fun.

We decided to scale back a bit on our projects so we could have some additional time to enjoy the amazing weather!

Lots of camping, hiking and summer adventures!

Do not worry, though, that does not mean that we have not completed any projects. We’ve actually worked a lot, mostly painting, but also on other things as well. Stay tuned!

Hiking and exploring Colorado

Hiking and Exploring Colorado


Summer camping in Colorado

One of our campsites


Hiking in Northern Colorado

The beautiful landscape we experienced in one of our hikes



As you know from previous posts, we definitely hate the yellowish color that all our ceilings and walls had when we first moved to our house.

When we finally decided to start painting and decorating, the first room we tackled was the master bedroom (we have not presented that project yet). Then we worked in our office.

For the last month or so, we’ve been painting the rest of the house. So far, we are done with the ceilings in our long hallway, kitchen, dining and living room areas, as well as the walls in all of them except the living room.


We believe that, in most cases, ceilings look better white. They make rooms look brighter and make darker color walls stand out. We have made it a point to paint all our ceilings. So far, we’ve made good progress with only a couple of rooms left.

Painting hallway ceiling white

Painting our hallway’s ceiling white


Painting ceilings and walls

We used plastic sheeting to cover all our kitchen cabinets


Once we were done painting the ceilings in the hallway, kitchen, dining and living room areas, we moved on and started painting the walls. We are only missing the living room and one of the bedrooms!

Painting hallway walls

Part of the hallway right before we started the paint job


Painted hallway walls

The same part of the hallway showing the new walls color


Painting kitchen and dining room

Painting the dining room walls


Readers, have you been busy vacationing or taking care of any projects this summer?

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